Hannah Moriggi

President Healey Takes Babson168 Global

Three months ago at Babson168, the entire campus and community celebrated admitted students by bringing the Class of 2018 to campus. Throughout the course of the day, admitted students and families explored the many ways you can define your Babson experience. Each week at Babson is made up of 168 hour sand many of our…

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Tommaso Canetta

Tommaso’s 7-Day: Babson168

I suppose I should start today’s entry with an apology for the lack of posts the last couple weeks (especially embarrassing considering I’m usually the one nagging our other bloggers to post new content). As you may have heard, this past Friday was our admitted student day, Babson168. Over 350 admitted students descended on campus…

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Leandra Grinage

Here’s my 168, what’s yours?

My 168 hours are never spent in the same way. Each week, something new happens that I may spend my time doing. A typical week for me consists of studying, visiting professor’s office hours, volunteering at Cradles To Crayons, planning events as VP of Finance for HOLA and during fall semester my time bulk of…

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Brian Hickey

Brian’s 168 Hours: School, Sleep, Sports, and Social

It is 7:00AM on Monday morning and my alarm is buzzing as I wonder where the weekend has gone – time for another week and I roll out of bed…hopefully recharged and ready to go. A week at Babson is filled with 168 hours – to balance between academics, sleep, extracurricular/other activities, and a social…

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Ellen Zatkowski

Spring Break At Babson and Beyond

Campus is pretty quiet this week since most of our students are off on a well-deserved spring break.  Over the last few weeks, the Babson student body has been caught up in dreaded midterm season, consisting of many late nights in the library, last-minute studying, and final practice for group presentations.  Through all of the…

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Courtney Minden


It’s been nearly a week since decisions have gone out and the excitement  over the admitted Class of 2018 being selected is still in full force (I think that may have contributed to having lost for the past 3 days-the staff has never seen me so quiet-it’s driving me crazy). Since Sunday we have started…

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Rahul Daryanani

My 168

    At Babson, I have 168 hours to work with in any given week. Some weeks, it’s a mix of classes and meetings, but other weeks, like this one, are a little different. This week my 168 sure is “busy,” but I don’t mind it because everything I have planned is something I want…

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Sarah Yim

A Second Semester Senior’s 168

When you arrive at Babson, your week will consist of 168 hours. That may seem like a large number, but those hours really fly by. Everyone spends their time in different ways, but here’s my 168 as an example. Since I’m taking a reduced course load this semester (less than 15 credits), it’s been especially…

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What’s My Babson168?

Every day I am running from activity to activity, defining my Babson experience. Whether I’m going from class to practice or hanging out with my friends in Trim Dining Hall, I constantly remember the importance of organizing my time. Whether it is in my written planner or my Gmail calendar, it is all written down…

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Jamie Rappoport

Pursue Your Passions Every Day

Every week I am faced with the challenge to decide how I want to spend the next seven days. I have 168 hours, or 10080 minutes, or 604800 seconds to spend in any way I wish! Here at Babson, a common theme is making the most out of every day. I have never met a…

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