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What’s My Babson168?


How do I spend my 168 hours each week at Babson? They sure are packed!

Every day I am running from activity to activity, defining my Babson experience. Whether I’m going from class to practice or hanging out with my friends in Trim Dining Hall, I constantly remember the importance of organizing my time. Whether it is in my written planner or my Gmail calendar, it is all written down (usually in both places). I have a pretty stable weekly routine: four classes, work, practice, hang out with my friends. But there are other things that tend to pop up, which is what makes things more interesting. Next week, for example, I will be completing three take home midterms (yay), attending a program where my friends will be teaching us how to make a couple of different pasta dishes and work on my final project for my trip to Ghana. I have found if I write out my work and make specific time for it in my calendar, it is much easier to make sure I get everything done, and make time for my friends. Even though my calendar looks quite packed, I always have time to hang out with my friends and take a break from the crazy daily schedule of a Babson student. Even though there is a lot on the calendar, I like it that way. Each of my 168 hours every week is interesting and fun.