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Pursue Your Passions Every Day

Every week I am faced with the challenge to decide how I want to spend the next seven days. I have 168 hours, or 10080 minutes, or 604800 seconds to spend in any way I wish! Here at Babson, a common theme is making the most out of every day. I have never met a student here whose only activity to attend each week is class. We choose to enrich our classroom knowledge with multiple different extracurricular clubs, jobs, and activities. In an attempt to provide you with a better idea of what I am explaining, peek at the screenshot of my calendar below.



Also, here are some highlights from last week:

  • Women’s Overnight: On Sunday, I got the chance to meet some incredibly talented, motivated, and intelligent admitted female students from all around the world. As a student who works in the Office of Admission, I had the honor of attending multiple events including the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholarship interviews, a cupcake decorating party, and a delicious dinner with some unbelievably inspiring alumnae, student, and faculty female speakers.
  • Chapter: As a member in Chi Omega, one of the three sorority chapters on campus, I have weekly meetings with the rest of my 70+ sisters. It is always nice to start the week off with a chance to catch up with my sisters.
  • Career Panel Meeting: I have been organizing a panel that will take place in April. There will be a few representatives from large companies in a diverse range of industries. The people on the panel will talk about how to be successful in the workplace as a young, female professional. It will also serve as a good networking opportunity for Babson students with some major companies.
  • Steering Committee Meeting: I am a member of my Senior Class Steering Committee. We meet weekly to plan fun events for the rest of our class. Right now, we are planning on organizing a class trip to a Celtics game.
  • Winter Leadership Retreat: As a member of the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholarship program, I get to attend a leadership retreat each year. This year, there was a moving keynote speaker, Dorie Clark, a personal brand marketing consultant. In addition, there was a panel of recent female graduates who spoke about how they have felt in the workplace, how they live entrepreneurially, and other advice they had for us. I left the retreat feeling so motivated.

Wow! What a week! It is truly exhilarating how much can be packed into 168 hours. I inspire you to make the most out of every day. Pursue your passions and put your heart into everything you do, just as we do here at Babson.