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It’s been nearly a week since decisions have gone out and the excitement  over the admitted Class of 2018 being selected is still in full force (I think that may have contributed to having lost for the past 3 days-the staff has never seen me so quiet-it’s driving me crazy). Since Sunday we have started getting to know the class all over again through your excited emails, Facebook posts and tweets. Everywhere I go on campus members of the Babson community stop to let me know how curious they are about who we have admitted. Class of 2018-Babson can’t wait to meet you! I can imagine some of you are starting to feel the same thing.

In December I provided a brief glimpse of our awesome ED admits and I’m thinking I will make this a tradition. So here you go-let me provide a glimpse of the admitted Class of 2018.

Not surprisingly, they come from all over the world. The 60 countries represented include Belarus, Luxembourg, Ghana and the Czech Republic. Within the US we welcome students from our backyard in Massachusetts to states farther afield such as Hawaii, Alabama and Utah. (For those of you from the warmer locales, we are really hoping the Polar Vortex will be long gone, but pack a warm jacket just in case).

That’s only telling a small part of the story. In my very unbiased opinion, they only get cooler from here. One student created, planned and designed a free tutoring website for children. We have a captain of the Swaziland U19 national rugby team. There is an author in our midst, who has written two online novellas. For those of you with a slight Minecraft addiction, we have the CEO of a game server who has enhanced the Minecraft gaming experience. Speaking of addictions, I’d love to get some hints from the International Scrabble Champion from India-I really need to step up my Words With Friends skills. Those of you who watch Shark Tank (currently featured prominently on my very full DVR) may soon see one of our Admits.

Now, clearly I don’t have the enough time or space to highlight all that this class does in a “typical” week. Between now and the official decision deadline of May 1, I’m relying on everyone to share with us and your potential classmates how you spend the 168 hours that make up a week. Collectively, you are writers, athletes, drug store cashiers, devoted big siblings, LGBTQ activists, foreign language junkies, Divergent readers, community service mavens, oh and did I mention entrepreneurs? What’s your 168?

T minus 27 days until Babson168 (see the reason for the name!?).  Who’s coming???