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My 168




At Babson, I have 168 hours to work with in any given week. Some weeks, it’s a mix of classes and meetings, but other weeks, like this one, are a little different. This week my 168 sure is “busy,” but I don’t mind it because everything I have planned is something I want to do. With the AMAN (a Southeast Asian Cultural Dance Organization) show coming up, one of my biggest priorities is finishing up my choreography and holding practice so that all of my dancers look amazing on stage. So far, I have held 4 practices and the dance is coming along at a lightning-fast speed. Additionally this week, I am spending quite a bit of time writing my thesis. As a student in the Honors Program, I am required to write a thesis during my senior year on a topic of my choice. I’ve chosen to write about how manipulation in financial media affects short term stock market movements. It’s been challenging to research and write about, but I have learned so much about a topic that truly interests me and the support I have received from my faculty advisor and the rest of the Honors Program has been priceless. At Babson, there is always something fun and interesting happening. This past week we had our annual Mr. and Mrs. Babson contest. Various male and female students were nominated and after answering a couple questions and performing a skill, two students were crowned Mr. and Mrs. Babson 2014. It was great to see a large part of the student body out supporting their friends on stage. With it being my senior year, this was my last Mr. and Mrs. Babson, but I expect next year’s to be even better!