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President Healey Takes Babson168 Global

Three months ago at Babson168, the entire campus and community celebrated admitted students by bringing the Class of 2018 to campus. Throughout the course of the day, admitted students and families explored the many ways you can define your Babson experience.

Each week at Babson is made up of 168 hour sand many of our students share their 168 in some of Babson’s featured DEFINE YOU: Community Stories. Of course time will be spent in the classroom and exploring your academic goals, but the experience was also focused on answering the question, “How will you spend the rest of your hours?” At Babson, students have the chance to  pursue current interests, develop new passions, and connect with the people who will support you throughout your time here—inside and outside the classroom.

In a recent Irish Times article entitled “How will you fill your 168-hour work week?” President Kerry Healey took Babson168 global sharing the appeal of an entrepreneurial education which teaches you how to create opportunities, instead of merely looking for them. In the article, Healey expands on Babson’s philosophy of entrepreneurship as a way of thinking that can be applied creatively and flexibly to any field by simply engaging with the world around you during the 168-hour work week.

Here at Babson we believe in the entrepreneurial education and we believe that how you manage your 168 hours a week will be critical for the next four years that you have in college.

As July starts to fade and August approaches, we hope you’ll find your way to campus in order to check out the incredible opportunities to customize your very own Babson168.