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What’s the Next Step in your College Process?

As I think back to my senior year of high school, I remember receiving my decision from Babson College—spoiler alert I got accepted. From the onset of my college process, Babson was my top choice due to the small school atmosphere that afforded incredibly unique opportunities for students. As a result, I was incredibly nervous to review my decision. I applied to Babson as an early action candidate, and I distinctly remember logging on to my portal that cold December day. On this day, I remember going into my dad’s office and closing the door behind me—I was so nervous for the decision. I logged on to the Babson Portal to receive my decision letter. As 3:00 PM EST rolled around, I constantly refreshed my MyBabson account until the letter appeared. When it finally did appear on the screen, I was incredibly grateful to review my letter.

Now that most decisions have been sent out, here are some steps that you can take to continue and complete your college process.

Immediately after receiving my acceptance notice, I scheduled a campus visit that included an informational session and a campus tour. In the fall, I completed a similar visit, but I wanted to see the school with a different perspective: a perspective of gauging whether or not a specific college will be a good fit for you. I encourage you to ask yourself this question: can I see myself happy here over the next four years? If you can, then you should certainly consider attending that school. To schedule a campus visit, please visit this page.

After completing my campus visit, I decided that I wanted to learn more about the classroom environment. To learn more about the classroom, I scheduled a Shadow Day with a current student, where I got the chance to see an Arts & Humanities course. I was pleasantly surprised by the classroom experience: the class consisted of only 18 students, which allowed for the teacher to host a discussion-based course that permitted students to share their thoughts. This experience gave me a firsthand account of classes at Babson. To register for Babson’s Shadow Program, please visit this page.

Finally, I attended Babson’s admitted student day program, which is currently referred to as Babson168. This was a great experience because I was not only able to learn more about the college through discussions and classroom simulations but also able to engage with current students to learn about their experiences. Moreover, I was able to connect with other admitted students—which you can do by joining the Official Babson Class of 2019 Facebook Page. This event was so impactful, and I remember telling my parents on the way home that “I was going to attend Babson in the fall.” To learn more about Babson168, check out information from last year’s event.

No matter where your college process takes you, I encourage you to follow up with your prospective colleges because you will be able to view these schools with a fresh perspective: a perspective of an admitted student!