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5 Crucial Collaboration Tools for Startups

When working in a startup, like I am, at Arist, team members are often in many places at once. In order to keep our distributed team organized, we use a number of tools for collaboration. Google Apps This is an obvious one, but Google Apps includes Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and the like. These tools are…

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2019 SVP Startup Profile: Arist

Arist is one of thirteen Babson startups presenting at Thursday, July 25th’s Summer Venture Showcase at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. Register to attend our showcase at bit.ly/2019svp! Education is changing as 21st century learners look for learning solutions which meet their needs in an increasingly digital and global world. Borne from the struggle…

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Working With Other Interns

This summer has been all about collaboration and teamwork. As mentioned in my other posts, I’ve been working closely with two other interns this summer in preparing to launch our company’s eCommerce site. We are all the same year and age but all coming from different schools with completely different backgrounds. One is a finance…

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Emily Denoble

Social Impact: Market Imperative, Market Opportunity

At the 2017 Babson Entrepreneurship Forum, the closing event was a panel titled “Social Impact: Market Imperative, Market Opportunity.” Cheryl Kiser, Executive Director of the Lewis Institute, introduced the session. “The theme of the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum is to make an impact. This panel will explore ecosystems that support socially-focused ventures. A startup’s connection to…

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Katrina Rega

Cross-Departmental Internship Lessons

As I look back on my internship experience from this summer, I have noticed a common thread between all of my past internships. With each position, I have taken away important lessons from cross-departmental collaboration. This summer at IMPACT Melanoma was no exception. Specifically, I had the opportunity to work with the Events & Program…

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The Lewis Institute

The Entrepreneurial Landscape of Healthcare in Kenya

By Ruth Shalom Kinyua ’19. Currently in my sophomore year and an international student from Nairobi, Kenya, I was drawn to The Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship’s programs focusing on entrepreneurship in the healthcare systems of developing countries. I was concerned about healthcare in Kenya, particularly because the public health system has had a…

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Tiffany Tapia

Arts & Business Conversation with Maria Schneider

Posting on behalf of Teresa Wolf, Senior at Babson College concentrating in Information Technology Management & Business Analytics. Teresa Wolf led the Q&A session for the Arts & Business Conversation with Maria Schneider hosted on March 10th at Sorenson Black Box. Have you ever met a person that you did not know was your idol…

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When I first started at Hope and Comfort, I was the only intern. This had its pros and cons just like everything else. I loved that I was able to work in all areas of the business from sourcing, distribution, and corporate relations.  However, being the only intern was lonely and was very hectic all…

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