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Annie Bergeron

Employers on Handshake: Important Information and Best Practices for Recruiting Babson Talent

GETTING STARTED WITH HANDSHAKE By creating an account in Handshake, and connecting with Babson College, you can post internship and job opportunities to our students and alumni; post and market your events directly to students; request on-campus interviews; and of course, register for our career fairs and recruiting programs.                  APPROVAL PROCESS All employer requests…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

IBM Summer Experience

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Julian Parra ’20. Hi! For those who may not know me, my name is Julian Parra and I am currently a senior here at Babson concentrating in Finance. On campus, besides being a Peer Career Ambassador at the Center for Career Development, I have been a…

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The Importance of a simple introduction

When interning at a strength and conditioning facility most athletes have been training at the gym for many years and have developed strong relationships with the current staff. In addition, they have likely been there for many summers of changing interns and part-time staff. When this is the case their tendency is to rely on…

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Key Takeaways From This Summer

My internship has come to an end, and there are definitely many valuable lessons along the way. I got to utilize my skills in Google Analytics, tableau and other analytic platforms in a real business world. A new platform that I got to explore is Datorama, which is similar to Tableau that works as a…

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When internship project and work are in conflict

Fortunately, my company have a very well-constructed program for interns that involves on-boarding training, mentorship, lunch n learn and also an internship project. The internship project is supposed to take about 20% of our time, while actual work with each individual department should take the rest 80%. However, this sometimes is not the reality. There…

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The Importance of Location for Your Internship

It is really important to research before you apply for an internship and location is really important factor for you to pick your internship. Location is crucial for your internship, you might need to rent a new place in a different city/country, commute to work, and find places to eat. Location was a challenge for…

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How do companies use technology?

The role technology plays in today’s world is irreplaceable. Technology does shape the way employees do their work to a great extent. At Saucey, it is used for menial tasks like making calculations, and for much more complex tasks like analyzing large volumes of data and managing the app and website which enables people to…

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