Author: Jake Schwartz

Importance of Entrepreneurship

What makes a good business? If you would have asked me this question a few months ago, I likely would have replied with some form of “if the business is making lots of money.” While this is true, this is only one of many factors that are important in a good business. During the summer,…

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Make the Most Of Your Time

Being a full-time student requires me to manage two different worlds at the same time- being able to perform well academically and stay on top of my coursework, and being able to market yourself and constantly network in order to remain competitive for internship offers and future opportunities. Of course, when dealing with a full…

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Fake It Till You Make It

It was my first week on Babson’s campus, I saw a poster on the wall of Park Manor West. It read “Meeting at 6:30pm for anyone interested in a career in finance.” Truth be told I had no idea what a career in finance even looked like. I knew finance was a popular concentration, thus…

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