Author: Abner Lora

Knowing How To Work with a Bully–Public Sector Negotiations

When two private sector entities conduct business, especially in the case of one purchasing product from the other, the terms of the exchange tends to adhere to tradition; both entities understand what is ethical and logical and closes the purchase relatively quickly. However, what I have learned incredibly quickly in my time with StreetLight Data,…

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The Struggle in Refraining to Over Water My Seeds

Friday June 15th, 2018, marked the end of the second week in my internship with StreetLight Data. In working for a data collection consulting company specialized in transportation, many aspects of my job include tasks and knowledge that Babson has not entirely prepared me for, such as privacy screening of our LBS data to ensure…

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Looking Down from the Dark Woods as my Own Master, Own Poet

As an individual who has merely traveled to family in my home countries of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the west coast always seemed so abstract, for a trip to a place like San Francisco has always been unattainable. Therefore, in deciding whether to accept my internship, the factor of traveling into the unknown, moreover…

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