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Good Business Friday Tomorrow with Phil Mirvis

Tomorrow is the first Good Business Friday of the semester! Students have returned from winter break, there’s a great buzz on campus and I’m thrilled that Cheryl’s back to be part of these conversations. What better way to kick off the series than to have Phil Mirvis, Babson Senior Fellow in Social Innovation be part…

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Good Business Fridays: Cultivating Social Innovation

Tomorrow marks our second Good Business Friday of the school year. These weekly conversations are a way to accelerate your journey around social value creation and amplify your impact in the space.  There’s something very special and almost counter-intuitive about the model. So much of our work at Babson is about purposeful, strategic action, It’s…

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From Day One: Make a Difference

This is such an exciting time to be on campus, and reinforces why I love my job. Full time MBA orientation started earlier this week, and first year undergraduates arrive today. Consistently, I’ve been meeting students who tell me about their passions, interests, and desire to make lasting positive change. At Babson, we work to…

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