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Wicked High Returns

As I dip the tip of my toes in the investment banking career, I have been extremely privileged to intern with BK Capital, a subsidiary of the Bank of Kigali Group Plc. On the first day, one of the teammates gave me a rundown of BK Capital’s products. Later, he also mentioned that BK Capital…

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Fashion Stylist Assistant First Impression(s)

When one of the 15 or so agencies I called notified me that there was a fashion stylist who was in need of help with some projects over summer, my heart rejoiced. I was so excited even before I found out that I would indeed be interning for her over summer…and even beyond that because…

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First Day

As I anticipate the first day of my internship I cannot help but, to think of the struggle I faced finding my perfect internship. I knew that this summer I wanted to work in New York City because I wanted to see if I enjoy working there or not. Additionally, I knew I wanted to…

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Getting Started

It’s been a warm week here on Babson campus since most days have been above 70oF. Many students have taken advantage of the great weather by studying outside or playing casual games of catch on the lawn. I’ve been doing the same as I gear up for my internship which will be starting tomorrow! I’m…

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