Author: Cedric Mfuranzima

Oi, Grow Up and Get a Mortgage Already!

A few weeks ago, over chapattis and beans in the outskirts of Kigali, Janvier Rutsobe (JR) and I talked for hours about the whole ordeal of owning home. It’s a personal goal to own a home before I hit 35 or put a ring on someone from somewhere (poor girl!) JR wants the same thing…

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The Secret Sauce

The penultimate college year summer is as crucial as summers get. You want to work for the right company in the right field, because you have had two summers to horse-around (read: Discovering yourself). The majority of us college students start having clarity on what fields we want to work in, and what companies to…

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Wicked High Returns

As I dip the tip of my toes in the investment banking career, I have been extremely privileged to intern with BK Capital, a subsidiary of the Bank of Kigali Group Plc. On the first day, one of the teammates gave me a rundown of BK Capital’s products. Later, he also mentioned that BK Capital…

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