Author: Lauren Vogt

Social Networking Should Not be About You

Hate to break it to you but social networking is not about you. Instagram, in some peoples perspectives, affirms your worth, or unworth, through the amount of likes and follows you receive. LinkedIn may internally validate your ego in you believing you are more important, or more acknowledged than the day before. Though it is…

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What Does Being Actively Present in Collaboration Look Like?

I am blessed to say that Babson has given me the collaborative experience of a lifetime. From starting a business freshman year, to dynamic group projects sophomore year to job fairs and career development seminars, Babson has been training me to be a collaboration expert from the beginning. I am grateful to say that I…

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Why Should I be Faithful to the Task at Hand?

Many professionals are living in a time where we may only be at a job for a year or two or even a couple months and then on to the next. Does this sound similar to our modern era dating lifestyle where the idea of being in a committed relationship sounds boring, a waste of…

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