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Rishi Mehta

What Next?

Having completed my internship, and achieving the goals that I set at the beginning of my internship, I was wondering how I should utilize this experience in my personal and professional growth. There are a few things I believe that can help me with this growth. I connected with my supervisors and other company employees…

Ana Maharjan

Four Departments, One Intern: My Experiences in a Rotational Internship

My internship consisted of an eight-week rotational program consulting for the Community Development, Operations, IT and Business Development departments. I would begin each program with a briefing of tasks followed by an assignment of my “project leads” who essentially served as my supervisors for the project. At the conclusion of every two-week rotation, I presented…

Ana Maharjan

3 Ways To Leverage LinkedIn During Your Internship

Updating your LinkedIn can be a daunting task, however, it is best to do so during the summer when you are interning for a company as you will have more content to consistently post about. Here are my top three tips for leveraging your LinkedIn profile during the summer: Connect with  members within your company:…

Rishi Mehta

How do companies use technology?

The role technology plays in today’s world is irreplaceable. Technology does shape the way employees do their work to a great extent. At Saucey, it is used for menial tasks like making calculations, and for much more complex tasks like analyzing large volumes of data and managing the app and website which enables people to…

Johnny Bui

Luck is Preparedness Met Opportunity

Like many others during the beginning of the fall semester, my nights were spent looking for my next big opportunity for the summer. “The summer before your senior year is the most important!” They tell you. But I was ready and I was eager. After all, I didn’t transfer into Babson to be mediocre. My…

Cedric Mfuranzima

The Secret Sauce

The penultimate college year summer is as crucial as summers get. You want to work for the right company in the right field, because you have had two summers to horse-around (read: Discovering yourself). The majority of us college students start having clarity on what fields we want to work in, and what companies to…

Ana Maharjan

New City? No Problem.

Interning in a new city can be challenging. Here are my tips for making the best out of your international work experience!

Annie Bergeron

#BabsonIntern Photo Contest – Summer 2017

Babson Internship Photo Contest Babson’s Undergraduate Center for Career Development is excited to host the Summer Intern Photo Contest for the second year! The contest is open to all undergraduate students currently enrolled at Babson, who are participating in a summer 2017 internship. Submit your photo today! Why should you participate? This competition is a great branding opportunity for…