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What Next?

Having completed my internship, and achieving the goals that I set at the beginning of my internship, I was wondering how I should utilize this experience in my personal and professional growth. There are a few things I believe that can help me with this growth.

I connected with my supervisors and other company employees who I interacted with on LinkedIn in order to stay in touch with them. I also requested for recommendations from my supervisors. I feel this can help me gain credibility for future internships and jobs. I also added this internship on LinkedIn, under the Experience section. This is beneficial because when recruiters look at my profile, they can get a summary of what my role was and what were some of the tasks I completed.

Since completing the internship, I still have 30 days until college begins. I plan on using these days to complete some online courses. The first one I plan on enrolling in is an introductory course on Looker. This is one software I used during my internship. Since I am well acquainted with it, I can take advantage of it and get a certification. I also want to complete a few other courses that can help improve my skill set.

Furthermore, another extremely important task I aim at completing is adding this internship experience on my resume, and ensuring it accurately reflects the projects I undertook and completed. This is extremely important since I will be using this resume to apply for internships next summer, and my resume is a critical component of my overall application. I also want to update my cover letter and incorporate this internship in it. This can enable me to better elaborate my learnings from the internship.

These are some of the things that I want to complete before next semester begins. The way I portray my internship experience to employers and recruiters is pivotal in getting my next internship. Making the most of my free time through completing courses to add skills to my profile is also important in order to get a competitive edge and is useful since most companies use similar software to complete daily tasks.