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The Best Part of my Job

Fresh out of a college semester, I was eager to start my new endeavor – internship at the Financial Advisory practice of Deloitte Bulgaria. As every newcomer, I had my doubts and concerns which were reinforced by the global pandemic and the uncertainty of the current times. However, all of my doubts were soon gone because I started working with an amazing group of young, ambitious, hard-working professionals in person.

People say that the first impression should not be always trusted but the passion and excitement I saw in my colleagues made me ease and buckle up for two amazing months with the team at the Mergers and Acquisitions service line. And here I found the best part of my internship – the challenges that I face which give me the opportunity to improve and learn from the more experienced co-workers. M&A are sited to be the most complex activities a business would take. Why that is complex? Because no deal is the same as a previous one and that makes the job challenging every day. From targeting customers, through the analysis of every client, to the diversity of paths that could be taken for a deal to be settled – every step requires strategic planning, responsibility, and knowledge in order to be executed successfully. And here I am, a 21-year-old intern eager to help with any task and my colleagues value that and always provide me with work and support during the course of action. I am thankful that they challenge me with tasks that I may feel unsure about at the beginning, such as working with contracts or preparing specific Excel spreadsheets. At the end of the day, it feels fulfilled to be able to help the team and learn.

So my advice for students interested in the field is to seek challenging tasks, to be adventurous, and to ask many questions. Your colleagues would be glad to help you and you will feel great that you are one step more prepared for launching your future career.