Leslie Moore

Business Development Within A Hospital

There is not much that has happened since the last time I wrote. I have been working on the same project for the past few weeks. Although it has gotten monotonous, no internship is easy and I have trust in the process and the overall experience I am receiving. The key to business development within…

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Brenda Kostyk

Indulge Your Curiosity and Find Your Happy Place

While the pace of life doesn’t slow for many of us during the summer, these warmer months can provide opportunities to explore different terrains.  Some are spending the summer trying out new roles with companies, others exploring the world, helping family, or taking classes.  However you’re spending your time right now, let yourself meander into…

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Anne Mccormack

A Look into Company Culture

Now over two weeks into my internship, I have the opportunity to reflect on what I have learned thus far. Specifically, I will be discussing the company’s culture. My first day at the office was unlike my previous experiences in a business setting.  After a nice introduction to my fellow coworkers, I was immediately engulfed…

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Tim Booker

Prize Winner Speaks To Future Enterpreneurs At BELA Tanzania

This past June, Babson students and staff visited the Ganako Secondary School in Karatu, Tanzania to work with roughly one hundred high school students to teach entrepreneurship. This partnership is a relatively new venture for the Babson Entrepreneur Leadership Academy (BELA) program, which has previously run in Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana. For more information on…

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Food Sol at the Summer Fancy Food Show

Today concludes this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show. Held each June in New York, the Show is hosted by the Specialty Food Association, which offers industry-wide research and forecasting, as well as educational programs and business development support to food entrepreneurs and emergent brands. This year, Food Sol was able to offer a Premium Pass…

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D Coley

Why I love interning at a startup and you should too!

Internships are a dime a dozen. Students scour the web for months applying to dozens of companies in hope of landing a coveted position. After a grueling search and many interviews, I landed an internship at Evol8tion, based in New York. Here are three reasons I love working at a startup. You have the freedom…

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Ashley Gerber

Observations: Israeli Business Culture

This summer I am interning for FlowMed, a startup in Haifa, Israel. The business culture in Israel is very different from the United States. Below is a list of the things that have stood out the most for me in my time in Israel so far: 1. The work week is different I had to redefine…

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Emily Lagasse

The 3 Best Lessons I Have Learned:

I became passionate about pursuing entrepreneurship because it’s one of the only jobs where you have to learn new things every day to improve and move business forward. Some of the things I have learned have been very tactical, like how to manage credit card processing, but some of my takeaways are lessons that can…

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