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Patricia Berens

Finally: Ebrary has a new e-book reading platform!

The long-awaited update to how one reads Ebrary‘s e-books has finally happened! Now you can just scroll through an e-book – no more tedious page by page reading. Check out the new interface! Also, information about whether or not an e-book is available for downloading is clearly presented. [Note: If Ebrary is slow to load,…

Creating Social Value

Rachel Greenberger

10 Questions for Local Food Entrepreneur: Blonde Beauchamp

This interview was originally published on Babson food entrepreneurs were out in force at Mass Innovation Nights Foodie Edition last month: Alex Kravetz of CogniTea; Annie Feldman of Enerchi Bites; Octavia Costea of Spreads & Beyond. Also there was Blonde Beauchamp of The Craic and Blonde. Blonde’s energy is infectious, and she’s managed to…

Creating Social Value

Notes from the Case Files: Learning by Doing

By Jesseca P. Timmons, a case writer in Entrepreneurial Studies and Social Entrepreneurship for The Lewis Institute at Babson College. In the fascinating six-month process of writing a case on Year Up, we learned Year Up is very different from most other organizations which focus on inner city youth. Unlike Teach for America or City…

Creating Social Value

Cheryl Kiser

Kicking Off the Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit in London

I am honored and excited to be invited back for a second year to kick off the Global Entrepreneurship Leadership (GEL) Summit in London tomorrow. The Lewis Institute’s relationship with GEL and their founding organization WildHearts is emblematic of the kinds of relationships we cultivate to stay connected with how social innovation plays out in…


Petia Whitmore

Test It Out – we did it again!

Last year, we introduced a new program for part-time students interested in getting a firsthand experience of the Babson MBA before they apply. Our prospective students loved the idea and the demand exceeded all expectations! Therefore this fall, we are offering another opportunity to participate in a Babson Blended Learning: Test It Out course focused…

Creating Social Value

Creating Social Value Where Opportunity Knocks

By Nisha Munshi, Babson MBA Student and Sr. Regulatory Nutrition Specialist for Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. “You’re a Registered Dietitian and you work for Dunkin’ Donuts?” A bit of an oxymoron, right? I thought so too until I took Babson’s Social Value Creation (SVC) Matters class. After three years of working as a regulatory nutrition specialist,…

Creating Social Value

Rachel Greenberger

10 Questions for Local Food Entrepreneur: Cassandria Campbell

This interview originally appeared on Fresh Food Generation is dedicated to providing healthy, vibrant, local and delicious food to food-access-challenged Boston. Co-founder Cassandria Campbell and I met through Babson alum Linda McQuillan (B’78) and The Food Project, and Cassandria was one of the entrepreneurs to pitch at the Quick Service Incubator at last year’s…


Sophan Smith

Sign Up for a Spot with HubSpot!

You’ve heard the name and probably know a thing or two about the company. I mean, I don’t need to tell you that HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers…. you already knew that, right?! And I don’t need to tell you that HubSpot is…

Living Entrepreneurship

Linda Woods Curtin

CWEL’s Fall Event Lineup: Bridging the Gender Gap

There’s been a lot of discussion and debate lately about the lack of women in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Boston and beyond. At Babson’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, we’re addressing the gender imbalance by creating innovative education programs and events to empower women to reach their full potential. We’re pleased to announce a robust…

Living Entrepreneurship

What St. Louis Teaches Me: A Young Woman’s Perspective

Post by Yulkendy Valdez St. Louis became my new home at the age of ten. It also became my influence: a teacher of sorts. I passed neighborhoods where racial discord was apparent. I also passed neighborhoods where one could see a clear divide between white and black neighborhoods. This picture of St. Louis only becomes…