Marvin Tarawally

Integrity Idol – Celebrates “Honest” Civil Servants in Liberia

  We have successfully launched our Integrity Idol Liberia national campaign! Integrity Idol is a national movement- on the ground, online and on television- to celebrate and encourage honest Civil Servant across the country. A lack of integrity- which leads to corruption, inequality and insecurity- remains the very heart of the challenges that Liberia faces…

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Cheryl Kiser

Corporate Social Relevance in Action

At The Lewis Institute we talk about Corporate Social Responsibility differently and believe we take it one step further. We talk about Corporate Social Relevance because to us it directly leads to authentic and powerful social innovation inside companies and outside within our communities and society as a whole. To us this is more than…

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BRIC Program

BRIC 2015 Week 1

Post by: Elisa da Rocha Leao (’17) and Joshua Boutin (’17)   Each week, two students from this year’s BRIC cohort- BRIC 7-will share an update from their travels. This week, Elisa da Rocha Leao (’17) and Josh Boutin (’17) describe their experiences with the Encounters course, pre-departure sessions with Professors Seitz and Coyle, and the group’s…

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D Coley

Lessons from the subway

On my first day riding the subway, from Columbia University to the Evol8tion office in midtown Manhattan, I chose to pass the time by reading Richard Branson ‘s autobiography: Losing My Virginity (a must read.) Mid-ride I was abruptly interrupted by a loud confident voice. “Excuse me ladies and gentlemen,” A teen of thirteen or…

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Kelsey Choi

A Summer Reflection

Interning at WGBH was an experience I will not forget. This internship helped me clarify some questions I have had regarding decisions on what I wanted to pursue after I graduate from Babson. With my wide variety of interests which involved business, tech, and creative hobbies, I felt I was at a loss on where…

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Kelsey Choi

Communication Leads to Great Collaboration

Communication was one of the most important skills for success at WGBH. WGBH is a very open company, where employees from one department will often communicate and work with employees in other departments. Fortunately, there are strong communication systems in place. The most important are digital collaborative spaces and communication platforms which are confluence, jira,…

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Donna Sosnowski

Parents; Top 10 ways to engage your student in career planning this fall

Your students are on campus.  While returning students acknowledge the end of summer, new students ponder about college life. Seniors begin to contemplate life after college, while parents of seniors wonder what the future holds for their burgeoning professionals. Help your college student with college to career planning by listening. Be open to ideas and…

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Not Goodbye, But See You Later

As I wrapped up my last day on the internship, I had many memories and experiences flash in my head throughout the day. It seemed as though that just yesterday, I was the “new kid” having to be taught how to do everything. Now, I was finishing up my last memorandum for the Congressman regarding…

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Gathering Intelligence

Through the Butler Venture Accelerator, we meet with a lot of students and alumni with many entrepreneurial ideas. One of the key steps that any entrepreneur needs to make to turn their idea into an opportunity is to gather market intelligence. Market intelligence is what entrepreneurs use to make decisions. During the Summer Venture Program,…

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M Grumer

Working with a Small vs. Large business

Before I began this internship, I knew that I’ve always been interested in working in the fashion industry. Although, I was unsure as to what department and role in the industry I’d fit best. Last summer, I interned in the buying office of a woman’s contemporary clothing boutique. I really enjoyed it and learned a…

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