Keenan James

The Truth About Marketing

Before this summer, I purely thought of marketing as the front-end of the sales process. Goal being to simply create a mind provoking advertisement that entices potential clients to interact with the company. After this is done, sales takes over and the marketing department’s job is complete. As a marketing intern at dotloop, I have…

Living Entrepreneurship

Emily Besen

I Am Not This Skin

Post by Michelene Wilkerson When I first got to college, I thought I made it. I thought I had moved past some of my biggest hurdles as a young Black woman: I wouldn’t have to hear too many stereotypes since I won two of largest merit-based leadership scholarships in the country. I along with millions of Black…

Creating Social Value

Rachel Greenberger

10 Questions for Local Food Entrepreneur: Jody Adams

This interview is originally published on Examiner.com Last month, The New York Times featured Jody Adams in its Women Who Belong in the Kitchen series. For her work as chef-owner of Rialto in Harvard Square, Jody has accrued dozens of awards and accolades. But her impact and influence extend far beyond: she’s a humanitarian, community…


Ari Markowitz

Don’t Talk, Don’t Plan, Don’t Wait

Do, because most others don’t. The reason that Israel sets itself apart from most other countries is that people here don’t understand what it means to be ready. It is a true innovative ecosystem and demonstration of entrepreneurial character, and frankly speaking the best in the world. The Israeli ego and personality is one that…



Hello, As we are in the middle of the summer, things are starting to heat up here in the office. Recently my duty has been to justify why or why not equities are overvalued today. Many analysts will have different views depending on the starting point of the data; as one can prove anything they want…

Living Entrepreneurship

Yerim Kim

Lessons from Serial Entrepreneur Ben Fischman

On July 15th, Summer Venture Program participants went on a field trip to MassChallenge. The 2014 SVP cohort had the pleasure of listening to Ben Fischman share his story. Fischman is a serial entrepreneur and business executive. Fischman was the founder and CEO of Lids Corporation, an exclusive sports retailer, and Rue La La, a…

Living Entrepreneurship

Two Good Start-up Resources

Here are two good start-up resources that I have come across recently.  The first deals with legal documents, i.e. term sheets, corporate formation, founder’s stock purchase, etc.  The list of documents comes from the legal firm, Orrick ( http://www.orrick.com/Practices/Emerging-Companies/Pages/Startup-Tool-Kit.aspx). The second resource is a link to LinkedIn’s Series B pitchdeck to Greylock Capital.  It provides…


Jacob Vick

It’s not all about the MD’s

When I was first introduced to the concept of “networking” the goal of it all seemed pretty straightforward. Talk to people you don’t know and have never met before. Get them to know who you are and have a positive opinion about you. All done in order to land one of those coveted positions at…


David Hines

A Learning Culture

“The tasks that are best for learning are often challenging ones that involve displaying ignorance and risking periods of confusion and errors.” Carol Dweck According to Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, there are two types of goals. Performance goals build upon knowledge or experience that one already possesses. One who pursues performance goals plays…


David Hines

Diversity at IDDS

From the moment I arrived, I felt that diversity was one of the strongest values of the International Development Design Summit and the broader International Development Innovation Network. The 50 Participants in the summit come from over 20 countries. Participants have varying degrees of academic and professional experience in disciplines such as industrial design, social work,…