Emily Levy

A Break From Internship: Yallah, Lets Dance!

Going to see live music is one of my passions and I was so happy when I found out that the city of Haifa was going to offer 100 Live free concerts! The series was called Haifa Live 100 and to my luck, it was just a block from my apartment and workplace in Paris…

Creating Social Value

Seeds of Fortune at CGI U

By Nitiya Walker, Babson College Undergraduate student. 1,100 innovative student leaders, 700 commitments to action, 3 days, and 1 university brought together future ideas that could possibly enhance our world’s next generation of leaders. The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) focuses on areas of education, environment, climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation,…


Petia Whitmore

It’s not a quiet summer for Babson’s Graduate Admissions!

Don’t let the absence of blog activity lead you to think it’s a quiet summer in Graduate Admissions at Babson. It’s been a whirlwind of activities and here are just a few highlights:  We’ve been actively working with our incoming Two-Year and Evening classes and preparing to welcome them as well as the inaugural MSM…


Jessica Santiago

Informational Interviews

Interning at a corporate fashion company has been such a positive experience thus far. I am surprised at how well I have adjusted to my internship and how much the team I am working with is willing to help. Being in the corporate environment has allowed me to think of things that go into operating…


Marvin Tarawally

Deadlines and Expectations

We are back in office straight from the county youth summits. Next big project is reporting on our experience and recommending changes for things that did not work well and continuation of things that did work as planned. This included numerous meetings, arranging Skype calls and check-ins with our Technical advisers from EDC’s Headquarters in…


Keenan James

The Truth About Marketing

Before this summer, I purely thought of marketing as the front-end of the sales process. Goal being to simply create a mind provoking advertisement that entices potential clients to interact with the company. After this is done, sales takes over and the marketing department’s job is complete. As a marketing intern at dotloop, I have…

Living Entrepreneurship

Emily Besen

I Am Not This Skin

Post by Michelene Wilkerson When I first got to college, I thought I made it. I thought I had moved past some of my biggest hurdles as a young Black woman: I wouldn’t have to hear too many stereotypes since I won two of largest merit-based leadership scholarships in the country. I along with millions of Black…

Creating Social Value

Rachel Greenberger

10 Questions for Local Food Entrepreneur: Jody Adams

This interview is originally published on Examiner.com Last month, The New York Times featured Jody Adams in its Women Who Belong in the Kitchen series. For her work as chef-owner of Rialto in Harvard Square, Jody has accrued dozens of awards and accolades. But her impact and influence extend far beyond: she’s a humanitarian, community…


Ari Markowitz

Don’t Talk, Don’t Plan, Don’t Wait

Do, because most others don’t. The reason that Israel sets itself apart from most other countries is that people here don’t understand what it means to be ready. It is a true innovative ecosystem and demonstration of entrepreneurial character, and frankly speaking the best in the world. The Israeli ego and personality is one that…



Hello, As we are in the middle of the summer, things are starting to heat up here in the office. Recently my duty has been to justify why or why not equities are overvalued today. Many analysts will have different views depending on the starting point of the data; as one can prove anything they want…