Antonette Ho

Join the Blank Center for eSports Panel Discussion

eSports have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Professional eSports teams are popping up, major brands are clamoring for sponsorship opportunities and fans are filling massive stadiums to watch tournaments while millions of others stream the content from their devices. Experts estimate that eSports revenue could reach $1.5 billion by 2020 – securing…

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Patricia Berens

Books 24×7 is now Skillsoft Books on a new Platform!

Skillsoft has migrated the Books 24×7 content to its Skillport platform for an updated look and friendlier user experience. Enjoy the BusinessPro, FinancePro, ITPro, and leadership video collections on this sleek platform.  The product’s new name is Skillsoft Books and you can find it on Horn Library’s list of databases. The easiest way to search…

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Nishant Udeshi

Brands are Watching: Lessons from Marketing Analytics

For the first class of my spring elective, Marketing Analytics with Dr. Abdul Ali, we had to read an article by Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit. In the article, he reveals how Target can predict your buying habits. As I dug deeper into the method Target uses and progressed through the course,…

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Emily Denoble

Demystifying The Diana Project™

Dr. Candida Brush is the Franklin W. Olin Professor of Entrepreneurship and serves as the Vice Provost of Global Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson. She co-founded The Diana Project™ with Professors Nancy Carter, Elizabeth Gatewood, Patricia Greene, and Myra Hart in 1999. The Diana Project™, named after the mythological goddess of the hunt, researches women entrepreneurs…

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Antonette Ho

#How2Tuesday: How 2 Divide Equity Amongst Founders

The Blank Center’s #How2Tuesday series continues on Tuesday, February 20 at 5pm in the Needham/Wellesley Room in Olin Hall (note room location!): How 2 Divide Equity Amongst Founders with Professor Les Charm, Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship. Not sure how to divide equity with your founders? Join us for an interactive workshop with Professor Les Charm…

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It’s just money

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Because I want to share my unending waterfall of love with you, dear reader, I have decided to write a few more blog posts! Not because I have to, of course. Last winter, I began interning as an associate for the K50 fund, the VC arm of the Kairos Society. The…

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Cheryl Kiser

Creating an Ensemble Educational Experience

Since its inception, The Lewis Institute recognized that leading our community through the journey of creating economic and social value simultaneously was going to take a team of teams. And with the right team of teams, we could design an Ensemble Educational Experience both inside and outside the classroom. How do you begin building an…

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Shannon Sweeny

Fast Forward: Helping Students Accelerate Their Careers

Pichon Duplan ’10 is the co-founder of Fast Forward, a social impact organization to help students accelerate their careers. Duplan and his co-founder Tucker Matheson founded the organization in November 2016, while they were working as management consultants at a global professional services firm. The Idea “The idea for Fast Forward originally came from our…

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