The Lewis Institute

The Creation of Shoulder to Shoulder

At Babson we often talk about Entrepreneurship of All Kinds® by which we mean that entrepreneurship doesn’t just happen in garages, or coffee shops, or even Silicon Valley board rooms. One of the most interesting forms in which we see entrepreneurship taking place is the Entrepreneur Inside – someone who is working inside an existing…

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Babson Hatchery

The Value of a MVP

The following post is from Diego Pacheco M’16, founder of Cociel, a fall 2015 hatchery business. Hi my name is Diego Pacheco a second year in the two year MBA of 2016. Since I was 12 years old I started coding websites, designing and start selling services to my family & friends. Years after, I…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

Sending Follow Up Emails

This post was written by Shun Ping Huang ’17, CCD Peer Career Ambassador. Let’s say you met an amazing recruiter named Carol at the Internship Fair. You really hit it off – and need to know what to do next. You should send a follow-up email and this blog will tell you exactly how to…

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How LinkedIn publishing can benefit business students

Last semester, I was honored to be selected as one of LinkedIn’s Campus Editors for the program’s inaugural year. As a journalism student, being given the opportunity to write more is something I value and cherish. However, I understand that not every student wants to write – and not every student thinks they have something…

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Meet Babson Black MBA: Diversity in the Entertainment Industry

My name is Mark Gagliardi (first on the left); I’m 26, a two year MBA student at Babson, and from Lynnfield, Massachusetts. I’m the VP of Finance for Babson Black MBA (BBMBA). Before coming to school, I had been living in New York City and working for a Top-Tiered Broadway General Management Firm. I immersed…

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Jennifer Eng

Your One Month Update on Babson’s 2016

There’s a couple things that the Babson Community cares about and us students strive to improve in the coming year- and here’s your update on our progress! Roger’s Pub: Welcome to our new pub! The gathering spot for students every Wednesday (Pub Night) and weekends is back and better than ever! The newly renovated pub…

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Jeff Andrews

My Last First Blog of the Semester

The 2016 spring semester at Babson is officially underway! However, for me and my fellow classmates, this isn’t just any regular spring… it’s our senior year, and that means this is my last first blog of the semester! For this blog, I thought I would highlight some of the most memorable moments that have made…

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