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How Babson Prepares Us for Internships

College is the time of life to explore new opportunities and experiment with ourselves to find what professional path will lead us to happiness. My time at Babson College has taught me to always analyze the information given, to seek for more knowledge, and to be open for the people around. Thus, my internship experience…

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My Experience with Modern Slavery in Thailand

**Disclaimer: Human trafficking and slavery are against the law in Thailand. The government makes it clear that the perpetrators will be severely punished. This blog is in no way attempting to show Thailand or any other country in Southeast Asia in a negative light. This blog will only discuss facts and experiences by the author**…

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Jacob Heller

The Internship is Over, Now What?

Last week I finished my internship at Deloitte Israel where I had an incredible experience. The people I met, the places I went, and the work I did was so amazing I could have never imagined it. But now that I am not going to work every day at 8:30 and I am about to…

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Miranda Ditmore

Back From Abroad and Onto the Real World

This past spring I studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. After a semester of traveling, eating amazing food, and meeting lifelong friends, I was fully onboard the I love abroad bandwagon. By the end of the semester I wasn’t ready to give up my freedom and friendships, but my internship start date was drawing near. So…

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MacIntyre Henderson

A Learning Lifestyle

Working and living in a country to which you have never travelled is an ongoing, 24/7 learning experience. This is what I mean. As would be expected, the hours of the day spent doing work for the company provide a massive influx of information, but that doesn’t stop when lunch comes around; sitting to eat…

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Babson San Francisco

The Opportunity of a Lifetime in San Francisco! PART 2

After a competitive application process in the fall of 2017, a group of twenty-four selected undergrads this January embarked on their “Semester Away” in San Francisco. Two months in, the cohort has made countless amazing memories from their adventures in the City by the Bay. I am really excited to count myself among these students,…

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Nishant Udeshi

Fall 7 Times, Stand Up 8

If you are new to Boston and the New England area, you have probably been warned about the winters already. Even if you are enjoying a bright sunny day in August, you will hear someone say, “Enjoy this while it lasts because winter is not far away”. Maybe the crew of “Game of Thrones” doesn’t…

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Babson San Francisco

Semester in San Francisco (Spring 2017)

Since fall 2014, Babson ugrads have had the opportunity to spend a Semester in San Francisco, a city known for its entrepreneurial activity, disruptive technology, and culture of innovation. The SF Bay Area is home to some of the most influential businesses + startups in the world and is the leading center for venture capital investment. Most…

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