Author: Martina Garabedian

Home Office vs. In-person Internship

It is hard to imagine that my amazing experience at Deloitte Bulgaria is coming to an end. I have spent almost two months working with a highly ambitious, dedicated, and professional team at the FAS division. Looking back, I learned a lot about M&A, Forensic, and Corporate Finance – three service lines that I assisted…

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The Best Part of my Job

Fresh out of a college semester, I was eager to start my new endeavor – internship at the Financial Advisory practice of Deloitte Bulgaria. As every newcomer, I had my doubts and concerns which were reinforced by the global pandemic and the uncertainty of the current times. However, all of my doubts were soon gone…

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How Babson Prepares Us for Internships

College is the time of life to explore new opportunities and experiment with ourselves to find what professional path will lead us to happiness. My time at Babson College has taught me to always analyze the information given, to seek for more knowledge, and to be open for the people around. Thus, my internship experience…

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