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Peer Career Ambassadors

Top 8 Interview Questions

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Rumeer Keshwani. Do not get caught in an interview without knowing the answers to these Top 8 interview questions! TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF A classic question that should not be surprising. Interviewers ask this question because they are looking to see that your attitude is consistent with…

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Time Management: Stay True, Stay You

Time management is being able to allocate your time effectively to spend on specific activities while also taking care of yourself. Done correctly, this would allow you to complete more, lower fatigue, and increase productivity. At LearnLux, there are always multiple projects that I have to juggle, which I find as a perk. I usually…

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Katina Orive

Tips to Stay Healthy as an Intern

The summer is the perfect time to catch-up on sleep, eat well and become healthy overall. As college students we tend to not have this luxury during the school year. Asking my colleagues and friend we compiled a list of ideas on how to stay healthy as an intern, while not wasting a lot of…

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Vanessa Onwe

Contributing Anyway I Could

As my last blog read, My company had a huge client presentation in Philadelphia last Friday and as expected; interns weren’t able to attend. Although I was not presenting I wanted to share some tips I did to stay involved and engaged in a successful presentation! 1. Ask tons of questions! Since I wasn’t presenting…

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Sydney Huang

First Year Career Tips

As an intimidated freshman, I knew absolutely nothing about resumes, interview skills, and this thing people call “networking.” As the new school year is approaching, I thought I’d gather some insights I’ve learned my first year at Babson. These are a series of tips I’ve learned as a first year. It’s never too early to…

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Keenan James

The Internship Search Process

This summer, I am proud to be working as a marketing intern at a real estate technology company, dotloop. Every summer, I have kept myself busy with internships and jobs, yet this year I learned a few simple but important tips that I would like to share: Start Early Go to Career Services Know the…

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Melanie Jordan

The Search for a First Year Internship

Finding a good internship can be difficult, especially as a freshman. Personal connections can be the most powerful and effective method. In order to attain my internship, I went to my uncle as well as some family friends who work in business related fields. I asked them if they knew of any companies who hire…

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