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SVP Week 9: Rising to the Entrepreneurial Challenge

With the 2019 Summer Venture Showcase days away, the Summer Venture Program startups have been preparing to present to the Babson community. But the life cycles of these businesses do not end after the Showcase, and founders are balancing these immediate preparations with their continued growth of their ventures. Here’s a look into how SVP…

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Johanna Beers

Babson’s Disney Imagine-A-Thon

After giving our presentation and listening to five others, my team was excited and anxious to learn who the winner was going to be. Two Babson professors – Professor Caroline Daniels and Professor Ruben Mancha, a representative from Disney – Nigel Simpson, and a representative from littleBits – Michael Kennedy, moved to a corner of…

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Ziyan Liu

B2B Sales

On Thursday, June 8th, we had our second lunch and learn session with Beth Goldstein on how to make a great first impression during an elevator pitch. As one of our Summer Venture Program 2017 advisors, Beth has expertise in marketing and sales, with a focus on customer discovery and market research. Aside from being…

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Babson Hatchery

Reimagine Networking: How to craft the perfect “Snapchat” Pitch

The following post is from Hari Maheshwaran ’18, co-founder of ZAVR Men, a spring 2017 hatchery business. ZAVR Men is redefining the modern gentleman by designing minimal, modern accessories that effortlessly complement a well-dressed attired for any occasion, embodying the lifestyle of the modern gentleman. This blog was originally posted on Medium. Access here >> When…

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Ziyan Liu

Communicate Effectively

What makes a business successful? This question seems to be extremely broad that any entrepreneurs can answer it differently based on their personal stories and past experiences. Sharon Sinnott, the Director of Babson Speech Center, thinks that communication is one of the most important elements that can make a business thrive. On Thursday, June 1,…

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Ziyan Liu

Week 2: Summer Venture Program 2017

After a rainy Memorial Day weekend, our passionate entrepreneurs got back to work at Workbar Boston with their full strength and enthusiasm. It is nice to know that they are utilizing other co-working spaces such as Workbar Cambridge and the Blank Center! We started week 2 by having team updates. On the first day of…

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Michael Chmura

Babson MSEL Graduate Launches Prepare 4 VC To Support Startups Seeking Funding

Jason Kraus MSEL’15 has launched Prepare 4 VC, a startup designed to support startups to help create better pitches to investors. “I have put my Babson entrepreneurial spirit to work helping other startups research, define, analyze and present all of the information they need for their fundraising rounds,” he said. “I have worked with various…

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