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Week 2: Summer Venture Program 2017

After a rainy Memorial Day weekend, our passionate entrepreneurs got back to work at Workbar Boston with their full strength and enthusiasm. It is nice to know that they are utilizing other

Wanku Hot Seat

co-working spaces such as Workbar Cambridge and the Blank Center!

We started week 2 by having team updates. On the first day of each week, everyone gathers for thirty minutes to give the community an update on their achievements, learnings, some road blocks in the past week, and some key asks and the goals they wish to accomplish this week. After the team updates, we had our second Hot Seat session, where Juan Giraldo gave a presentation about his business (Wanku), an ancestral and refreshing infusion beverage made of more than 20 medicinal herbs and aromatic flowers from the Andes region. After working with Chloris Yang (OSAM),

Lula Hot Seat

Derek Tu & Kyle Lawson (Vidvision), to rebuild the pitch, Juan presented his new pitch during Hot Seat repitch and got plenty of valuable feedback from other entrepreneurs.

The next day, Matthew Vega-Sanz and Michael Vega-Sanz presented their business Lula, the only peer-to-peer car sharing platform for college students, during the Hot Seat. John Whalen (Cathexis), Ravish Majithia (Magnomer LLC), Allen Zhang (OSAM) and Juan Giraldo (Wanku) provide critique, helped Matthew and Michael to restructure their presentation, and together, added richer content to the pitch. Good Luck to Matthew and Michael at the eMerge Americas pitch competition in Miami next week!

SVP Happy Hour at Workbar

SVP Happy Hour at Workbar

Special thanks to the Workbar crew for hosting a Happy Hour to welcome all members of SVP 2017. Workbar provided this opportunity to help our entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas and network with other entrepreneurs in the Workbar community  who can potentially provide help to their start-ups.

We ended the second week of SVP with our first Lunch & Learn session, where we welcomed Sharon

Lunch and Learn with Speech Center

Sinnott, Director of Babson Speech Center, and Paul F. D’Adamo, a speech consultant. Sharon and Paul provided our entrepreneurs with insights and suggestions on how to deliver a pitch with the power to lead and inspire the audiences.

Want to know more about SVP’s progress and activities? Visit Summer Venture Program website and follow us on Twitter and Instagram with #babsonsvp!  Also save the date for Venture Showcase on Thursday July 27th. More details to come!