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You Can’t Manage until You’ve Done the Job Yourself

Have you ever been assigned a tedious task that could’ve been done differently? Have you ever been given projects for which the deadlines were just unreasonable? Well, if so, then best believe your managers have never done the jobs themselves. You need to be in the field to know how things can be optimized. You…

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What kind of work does an Intern do?

While applying for internships, I always wondered what kind of work does an intern actually do, and does it really match the job description that is included in the offer letter. Once I got my offer letter from Saucey, it also included a job description with the tasks I would be completing. These tasks and…

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Rafael Seiji Matsumura de Oliveira

Is it too late now to assess risks?

A part of the unfortunate events that happen in the workplace cannot be treated as simple avoidable episodes as most “undesirable surprises.” A few weeks ago, while the heads of administration and other members of the coordination were out for meetings, a thief got into one of our classrooms and stole most of the students’…

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What do I want to achieve from my Internship?

This summer, I have the opportunity to be an intern with Saucey, an alcohol delivery company based in LA. Being an international student, my goals for the internship were somewhat unique. Before my internship began, I made a list of things I wanted to achieve from it. While making this list, the first thing I…

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Jessica Jean-Baptiste

Fast Fashion takes Planning

When most people think about the retail industry, operations and planning is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. In reality, operational planning is the major key to success for most fast fashion and off-price retail companies and Ross is no exception to that. It has been three weeks since I have started…

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Tiffany Shum

Wrapping Up

My ten weeks at Mighty Well recently came to a close. Starting off in late May, I joined as one of the earlier interns and was able to make an amazing group of friends and co-workers throughout the following months. For the most part, we are a female-dominated team. Throughout the summer, I got to…

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Miranda Ditmore

Surviving an Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

I have a pretty unconventional summer internship. So for my second blog post, I figured I would explain more about the company I’m working for, and what I will be doing throughout the summer. I’m currently a programs intern for Venture for America (VFA), a non-profit that aims to promote entrepreneurship in emerging cities by…

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Guest Employers UG Center for Career Development

Dreaming Disney – Achieving Disney!

This post was written by Erica, Recruiting Specialist at Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.: Greetings from the #1 most admired entertainment company, Babson students!  My name is Erica, I am a recruiting specialist for Disney Worldwide Services, Inc., and am excited to be a guest employer blogger for your undergraduate CCD! Dreaming of starting your career…

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