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Honing Skills From Inside and Outside the Classroom

Throughout my time at Babson so far, I was able to take courses that interested me in the marketing field taught by experienced professors. Introduction to marketing really helped me realize that this was something I would want to do in the future. Professor Sandy Bravo’s passion for marketing really stuck with me. Seeing a…

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Understanding Business Effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 has had extensive effects on the worldwide populations financially and socially. Social distancing initiatives have been put into place hindering physical contact and meetings. Many industries are suffering and heaps of companies will not be around even after the pandemic ends. One of the start-ups that I am working at this summer aims to…

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Three Simple Ways to Stand Out In Your Internship

There is a multitude of long articles out there about how to stand out in an internship. While useful, these articles tend to overlook the small tips that go a long way. 1. Notetaking Take notes for every meeting and task. Writing notes out has been proven to be more effective for retention. During meetings,…

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