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Knowing How To Work with a Bully–Public Sector Negotiations

When two private sector entities conduct business, especially in the case of one purchasing product from the other, the terms of the exchange tends to adhere to tradition; both entities understand what is ethical and logical and closes the purchase relatively quickly. However, what I have learned incredibly quickly in my time with StreetLight Data,…

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Viola Du

Business Student Working for a Government Agency?

Business Law, a required course that all Babson students have to take during Freshman or Sophomore Year, has caused different levels of pain for many students. Not a lot of students at Babson concentrate in Legal Studies, and most Babson students do not ever think about working for the government. When thinking about having an internship,…

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Working for the Canadian Government

  Hi, my name is Jess Thevenoz and I am a rising senior at Babson. I am from Montreal, Canada and only moved to the USA for college, but have always kept my Canadian Pride in any way I can. After three years in the US, I wanted to be able to have the chance…

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Congressional Internship? Why Not?

A career in government, just the career path that every Babson student wants to pursue, right?… Not quite. Throughout my internship search and even during my internship, I quickly learned how unpopular a career in government and the public sector was among Babson students. Most of my classmates would rather lead a fruitful career in…

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Not Goodbye, But See You Later

As I wrapped up my last day on the internship, I had many memories and experiences flash in my head throughout the day. It seemed as though that just yesterday, I was the “new kid” having to be taught how to do everything. Now, I was finishing up my last memorandum for the Congressman regarding…

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Constituent Services vs. Customer Service

        vs.          Throughout the summer, I have managed to stay very busy by taking on two positions: my congressional internship with Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-13) and my part-time job as customer service associate with JCPenney. While both have its benefits and challenges, as one may suspect, they have…

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5 Facts About My Boss

HR 1599: Nay HR 1734: Nay HR 2392: Nay…. While I could go on talking about my Congressman’s (and boss’s) voting record, I’m sure that topic would bore most of you. Instead, I’m going to tell you some interesting facts I have learned about him throughout the course of my internship. Although it was the…

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