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Two Internships on Two Continents

With the world moving more and more to our cell phones and everything becoming digital, it’s very easy to get lost. Lost in the tabs, tasks, and top priorities. For someone who had the opportunity for two internships, seized it, and then committed to working 70+ hours a week, time management was a challenge.  Having…

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Finding The One

Hi, my name is Sophia and I am a rising sophomore at Babson. I am from New York City and hope to get into marketing for the fashion industry in the future. I am currently interning at Araks, a swim, lingerie, and sleepwear company focused on making women feel beautiful. I am a social media intern…

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Fashion Marketing

Like I stated in my previous post, I undeniably love fashion. So when I heard rumors about there being a Fashion Marketing course introduced to the Babson curriculum next year, I decided to investigate. I discovered that Professor Myers-Tierney is spearheading this venture and was able to speak with her to about this potential new…

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