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Corporate Culture

This is my first time to be working in an American company. Although most of my colleagues and even my boss is still from China, we work in an American habit. I had internships in the past in Shanghai, China. That was a very different experience for me, at least in terms of corporate culture.…

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Xueer Ning

Burgers and Real Estate

Hello everyone! This morning, I stopped to get an iced latte at McDonalds and brisk walked to my office. On the streets of Manhattan’s financial district, it is common to see interns rushing to work with their coffees in hand. Perhaps, or mostly, because we all want to perform at our best. One of my…

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Austin Fabel

The Big Switch

Farewell Stetson Real Estate; hello Greiner-Maltz. In an unbelievable – and unexpected – change of events, I was granted the privilege and opportunity to join a firm in the commercial real estate sector. My true calling. Following a one-month tenure of utilizing quantitative metrics to value residential properties, I have now begun to gain complementary…

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Priscilla Joy Ning

5 Reasons Why Startups Are Stealing The Best Talent

L Marks Working at NatureBox for the past three weeks has been an absolute whirlwind of new experiences. But admittedly, while I was driving to my new home in Silicon Valley, I was wondering what all the fuss surrounding the startup culture was truly about. After all, the area looked exactly like the Southern California…

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