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Company’s Director of Human Resources is a Dog

Yes, I said it. Votary Film’s Director of Human Resources is a dog. And I, along with the rest of the company would not want it any other way. From first getting into the office and having Harvey sprint from one end of the office to the other end just to greet you is such…

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Samantha Azu

Company Culture is Important

Immediately I started working at The Woods, I could not help but notice how everyone there was like a close knit family and this greatly benefitted me as it helped me improve on myself. As opposed to just being people, who just worked together, we knew each other personally, offered each other help, advice, and…

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Don’t Forget About the People

Due to the fast-paced nature of most internships, networking often takes a backseat to the completion of job-related tasks. I am not criticizing this truth, for the main purpose of internships are to gain work experience, and, perhaps, to prove one’s worth to a company. I am, however, suggesting that taking even a few minutes…

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Continuing an internship beyond summer

I completed my first internship this summer. I was grateful to have received and accepted an internship offer. I was absolutely elated when my boss offered me a part-time position with the company during the academic year. While my work-ethic has proven to be a valuable asset to the company, there were other key factors…

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Natalie Novak

Don’t let them scare you

It’s not always handshakes and disapproving looks. Sometimes it’s getting drinks and going shopping with your manager during your lunch break. Sometimes its watching vines on the TV in a conference room or yelling inside jokes to your team across the hall for everyone to hear. And sometimes, its a wing eating competition when no…

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Tommy Wang

Get to Know the Company Culture

Getting to know the company’s culture is always the first and often the most difficult thing an intern has to do at work. It is a tremendously important step for the intern to get to know the company’s daily operations, its structures, and the working environment. I would like to share three ways for interns…

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Antonette Ho

#How2Tuesday: How 2 Build a Successful Company Culture

The Blank Center’s #How2Tuesday series continues on Tuesday, October 31 at 5pm in the Blank Center Televideo Room: How 2 Build a Successful Company Culture with Bryan Burdick! Every company has a culture – some by design and some by happy or unfortunate accident. Whether intentional or not, an organization’s leadership team is the primary…

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Luke Talman

How workplace culture impacts worker productivity

While interning this summer, I realized how important culture really is. After hearing stories about other people’s internships and the culture that went along with said internships, I was not sure what to expect at Surfdog Records. After being given the dress code and a run-down of the operations at the Label, the culture slowly…

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