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Allan Nudelman

What I Learned about Communicating in the Workplace

Little did I know at the start of my internship that I would be completing tasks that would require the input of employees in numerous departments and, implicitly, my reaching out to them. I was in charge of creating an excel document that would calculate the total costs to the company for a given transaction.…

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Leslie Moore

My First Informational Interview

Other than an intro to information technology class that I had taken this past semester at Babson, I have not otherwise received any further experience that would enhance my knowledge of the IT industry. That is why I chose to utilize this assignment and reach out to Mary Dolan, the Regional Director of Information Services…

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Rene Del Castillo

The Importance of communication and Proper Planning

As described in my past entries, I’m currently working on the launch of the Pay-as-you-go pilot. In a nutshell, people from communities will be able to purchase the use of the solar systems installed at their homes for a week, month, or day, (depending on their purchasing capabilities). A local store owner will act as…

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Melanie Jordan

Communication: The Method of the Madness

The phrase, “communication is key,” is repeated so often in business courses that it loses its power. In reality, this phrase actually encompasses the most important lesson people must learn in order to run a successful business. The key to growing this success is choosing the right method of communicating. During my time at the…

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