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Idea to Buzzfeed

Working at my internship this summer has pushed me to really reach out to others and start collaborations along the way. One of the biggest projects that I worked on this summer was with Buzzfeed. I initially reached out to one of their producers about an idea I had and talking to them was pretty…

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Tips for Staying Organized During Your Internship

Your summer internship is an awesome opportunity to get a glimpse into professional life after college. With this, however, comes the insight that the real world is busy: juggling traffic, deadlines, meetings, as well as maintaining a work-life balance can get stressful. Over the past few weeks, I have learned some ways to make the…

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Benjamin Crawford

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Before diving into my email/contact follow up schedule, a quick update on my internship. Phew, cannot believe that three weeks has already gone by, it feels like I started yesterday. I have been staffed on five projects: a turnaround where I am working directly with the CEO, a sell side where I will be sitting…

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Yating Lu

Complexity of working with an oversea graphic designer

When you are thinking to make your marketing contents look professional, visually appealing, attractive and interesting for the audience to look at, the first thing you would think is having a professional graphic designer on the team. They are good at design and they are experts on using professional design software and apps. But getting…

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Xiaocai Lin

Coming Out of the Back Office

For the past two months of my internship, I have been working in cubicles in different offices every day. As an introverted person with English as my second language, I usually shy away from talking to people – and it’s part of the reason why although I choose to intern in three different programs in…

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Andi Deng

Communication is Key

Hi guys, I’m Andi, a rising sophomore. I have started my internship in Wenzhou, China for some times now. Here is a little background information about my host company. The company I am working for is called Hongzheng Environmental Technologies LLC. Hongzheng focuses on providing environmental friendly service and products to protect people from indoor pollution, and it is a…

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Sophia Zhu

Communication Tools

Communication is necessary in every aspect of life especially in the workplace. I have come to realize that working at a small company makes communication a lot easier than at a large company. At Araks, there really are not any divisions or departments. Everyone does everything and everyone helps everyone out. If I needed help,…

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The Lewis Institute

Lean for Social Innovation: TPS Driving Change

By Kali Diamond ‘15. This post is the last in our series that explores how Toyota Production System (TPS) philosophies were applied at The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) to support social innovation in MIS 3535 Lean for Social Innovation (held during Spring 2015). Posts include the opinions of thought leaders and Babson student perspectives. Over the…

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