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Time Management: Stay True, Stay You

Time management is being able to allocate your time effectively to spend on specific activities while also taking care of yourself. Done correctly, this would allow you to complete more, lower fatigue, and increase productivity. At LearnLux, there are always multiple projects that I have to juggle, which I find as a perk. I usually…

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Challenging Myself in a Whole New Industry- Biotechnology

Stepping into a brand new and challenging industry may be scary to many of us. Ever since I was young, I was never a science or engineering person. I almost failed my AP Chem class in high school and I promised myself to never step into any science-related industry. After coming to Babson, I focused…

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Brianna Radicioni

Manizales Más Celebrates Five Years of Fostering Growth, Employment, and Prosperity Among the Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Manizales Más, Babson’s entrepreneurship and economy-boosting collaboration with the Colombian city of Manizales, has driven an average 46 percent growth among 73 high-potential companies in just five years. These companies have registered an average $39 million in sales, created 1,392 new jobs, and attracted 1,679 new customers, in addition to eight exporting companies. Such growth…

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Courtship or Business Development?

In business development, the game is like courting, the ancient Victorian Era concept that happened before couples got together. Back then, there were two parties involved: the male courter and the female courtee. In order to win a lady’s affection, men had to woo them, whether through gifts, flowers, romantic horseback riding dates, etc. The…

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Yating Lu

Learning vs. Doing at an Internship

Every morning when I go to the office, my supervisor would have a morning briefing with me. Usually during that time, we would talk about our next steps on the project, or simply agree upon one agenda before the day starts. One morning, I sat across her as usual, discussing my plan in tackling down…

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Making Connections

Knowing people is by far the most important part of business. Because my role is on the business development (sell) side, getting through the door is the first step. It’s impossible to raise funds if you can’t get in front of whoever is holding the checkbook. Because investors are constantly being bombarded with fund managers…

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How to Drive a Hedge Fund: Performance

In the hedge fund space, everything hinges on your numbers. Are you up or down this month? What’s your YTD? MTD? Those are always the first questions to be asked. Sure the low beta and low volatility are important factors in attracting investors. Some are looking for diversity, others are looking for a specific sector…

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Jacob Spitz

First Weeks Working in Israel

My name is Jacob Spitz, and I am a rising junior undergraduate student at Babson College, concentrating in Finance. I am spending this summer in Tel Aviv, Israel, interning for Deloitte in the M&A and Business Development division. This is my first time in Israel, and I am greatly enjoying it so far. I arrived…

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Leslie Moore

Business Development Within A Hospital

There is not much that has happened since the last time I wrote. I have been working on the same project for the past few weeks. Although it has gotten monotonous, no internship is easy and I have trust in the process and the overall experience I am receiving. The key to business development within…

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