Author: Yi Ni Ho

Key takeaways from summer internship

As I ended my summer internship, I would like to thank Fosun Group for providing this amazing experience I have with the team and in New York City. I found that healthcare/bio-tech is definitely my passion, and I would like to pursue this in the future. What I did in the summer was very meaningful…

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New York work culture

It was a pleasure to work in New York City, the financial hub of both global and USA. My office was located near Wall Street, and I was surrounded by experienced seniors from investment banking backgrounds. It was a very different work culture from what I have experienced in Boston or anywhere else in the…

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Challenging Myself in a Whole New Industry- Biotechnology

Stepping into a brand new and challenging industry may be scary to many of us. Ever since I was young, I was never a science or engineering person. I almost failed my AP Chem class in high school and I promised myself to never step into any science-related industry. After coming to Babson, I focused…

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