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Banning “Work from Home”: Marissa Mayer’s Attempt to Build Collaboration Likely to Yield Alienation

By: Danna Greenberg Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior As a management professor, I spend a lot of time with executives on the topic of organizational culture and how to build a united organization with shared values. This issue becomes even more important when organizations are in crises. So from this end, I applaud the CEO…

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Who Will Win The Oscars This Year? One Professor’s Predictions!

Who will take the Oscars this year?  Professor Julie Levinson,  Associate Professor of Film and Director of the Honors Program, makes her predictions: Best Picture: Argo Best Director: Steven Speilberg Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway Best Foreign Film: Amour Best Documentary: Searching for…

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