Author: Sky Morgan

Last Week

During my final week at Flat World, I was given the opportunity to see a little more of the software’s future trajectory. My work involved what Babson referred to as Entrepreneurship of All Kinds: the operational characteristics seemed to be in line with the financial services industry as a whole, but the tasks themselves did…

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Excel in Excel

Hi all, thanks for tuning in. So, I spent the last week migrating over our internal reporting and metrics SaaS offering from Excel to, at first, R, then Python. There is some pride in the fact that the workflow eventually shifted from Excel- to Python-intensive. I like to think that my Excel-bonded peers are living…

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Finance for Impact

This summer I’m interning at Flat World Partners, an impact investing firm. I’m working to plan the build- and roll-out of Exponential, their proprietary ESG impact investing analytics and reporting platform. While I am on the Exponential team, I also have the opportunity to work with the advisory and alternative investment platform arms of the…

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