Author: Jae Shin

Meeting the President of Disruptor Records

Sony offers Masterclasses taught by Sony Employees and other key players in the music industry. One of them being President of Disruptor Records, and manager of the Chainsmokers, Adam Alpert. Personally, I’m not the type to see the speaker after the meeting unless I have something to say, so I didn’t have an opportunity to…

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Workshop 1: How to Get Hired

About a year ago, The Orchard was bought out by Sony Music. As an intern at The Orchard, I was invited to attend the same workshops designed for Sony’s interns as well. Most of my blogposts will be about this workshops. This first was a workshop on how to get hired. Although I have only…

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Understanding What I Want

I was chatting with an old friend one day, and she told me that the internship she is at made her realize how little prepared she is for the real world. When I asked her what she meant, she explained to me that she never really considered a lot of the affected factors of accepting…

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