Author: Elias Fhagen-Smith

Why No Exercise Should be Considered too Simple

As strength coach it is commonplace to have an exercise database arranged in a series of progressions and regression. Progression are used when an exercise is too easy for an athlete while regressions can be pulled out when they need something more simple.  Sometimes these basic regression are the bare minimum of a movement patter.…

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Managing a Group of High School Athletes

As a young intern, I wanted to make a good impression on my group of high school athletes not only by being a good coach but also by being very friendly. Everything I read about how to be a good intern suggested always having an upbeat attitude with a smile on your face, I think…

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The Importance of a simple introduction

When interning at a strength and conditioning facility most athletes have been training at the gym for many years and have developed strong relationships with the current staff. In addition, they have likely been there for many summers of changing interns and part-time staff. When this is the case their tendency is to rely on…

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