Author: Dazheng Tang

End of Intern

Is Internship necessary for students? My answer for that would be certainly yes after my two months work. An internship is about applying the theoretical knowledge that we have learned in school to the objective reality. It also proves the practicality of knowledge and ensures the field of interest. Some underestimate the meaning behind the…

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After these weeks of internships, I can sum up a few phrases, which are “see more, ask more, observe more, think more, and work more. I must carry forward the ability to think independently. When I encounter problems, I can strive to solve alone and consciously. This way, I can have a deeper understanding of…

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Back to The First Day of Work

I always wondered what changes should I made if I restart my job again. I must have a detailed understanding of each department’s functions, responsible person, and personnel composition in Hooli Home Inc. As a sale person, I should understand each colleague’s hobbies, personalities, preferences, etc. In this way, I can position myself accurately in…

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