Undergraduate Blog / Author: Sthefany Aline Dutra F. Silva


Wrapping up the Summer

After almost 3 months of internship, I can’t describe how much I grew from June 1st to this day. In my internship, I learned things related to investments, technology, operations and career path in general. I am extremely glad I had the opportunity to come to Sao Paulo. While I am not completely sure of…


College vs Internship

My mom used to encourage me to appreciate life while most of my responsibilities were resumed to schoolwork. She used to say that school responsibilities are more flexible than work accountabilities and I did not put too much thought into it. During my first summer internship though, I started to ponder the nuances behind those…


Perks & Challenges of Interning Away From Home!

São Paulo is one of the world’s best business centers. It’s the city with most internship opportunities in Brazil. It is also more than 620 miles away from my hometown, Brasilia. It was soon before my summer break that I realized I would have to come here to attain a good professional summer experience. It’s…