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Communication and Adaptation during COVID-19

All traditional communication techniques were extremely affected and altered significantly during the pandemic. Abilities such as presentation, organization, flexibility, and versatility became more valuable than ever. With gatherings of more than 10-15 people being suspended, most offices and institutions suspended normal operations and home-office became the norm. Now, it is common for people to have evening and night meetings. Work/Study time was shifted and it became more difficult to maintain a routine. In order to succeed in this new era, I am putting more time and effort into organizing my day/week and month, instead of executing randomly. Waking up knowing exactly what I have to do in my entire day and how that is going to affect my weekly and monthly deadlines make it easier to accomplish tasks. Procrastination can be a problem, but I believe that with organization and communication that can be easily solved. It is important to have regular meetings to check up on the development of projects and tasks. I am using Google Calendar more than ever and have downloaded all different kinds of teleconferencing apps i.e Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Google Meetings and etc. I am excited as to the future and how companies will work after the pandemic. The current technological advancements made all departments adapt much faster than predicted, and I am excited to experience new challenges in this new era.