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College vs Internship

My mom used to encourage me to appreciate life while most of my responsibilities were resumed to schoolwork. She used to say that school responsibilities are more flexible than work accountabilities and I did not put too much thought into it. During my first summer internship though, I started to ponder the nuances behind those statements. 

After a while interning, I started to assess the easiness behind waking up at 7 am every day to go to work until 7 pm while when at college, I can’t seem to wake up twice a week at 8 am. Some factors that should be considered are the responsibilities behind a class. The preparation for most classes starts much before 7 am when there are homework, revisions, and tests involved. At work, however, discipline becomes easier for me because of the fixed schedule and strict environment that provide little space to procrastination. In contrast, at college, there is considerably more space to procrastinate. Whether spending 2 hours in the dining hall at lunch with friends or spend the night talking with classmates from your residence hall. 

In regards to the learning process, at college, experiences are more personal and volatile. Distinctive students in the same class can have different levels of learning. A dedicated student can have a bad experience in a class while succeeding at another one simultaneously due to outside factors. I believe that things happen more smoothly at work. When facing the challenge of finishing a project, several abilities are developed to gather, analyze and display data. Most things happen naturally as one need to improve several abilities to get the final step of presenting the results. 

Both circumstances are important and I do not think one outperforms the other. I am glad I have the opportunity to do both as I ultimately think that it will make a more skillful professional. It is important to recognize the distinctions between both scenarios and how each one demands diverse outcomes and practices. This summer internship has been providing me with great expertise and I will go back to college eager to acquire more knowledge that will enhance my professional abilities.