Author: Leonard Henry

A New Play Every Night… In London

Before coming to Babson many of you all might have heard about the long list of study abroad programs that are offered for the full year or even a semester, but you don’t tend to hear about the shorter elective abroad options that are available to you. Electives abroad are here for those like myself that may have circumstances…

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Note to First-Year Self

Dear Self, RELAX. Take it easy… and trust the process. You’re as prepared as you need to be for this next phase in your life. Don’t worry. You will make those lasting friendships, you will choose the right organizations to get involved in, and your successful future is already secure as long as you can…

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Campus Life and Activities

Life at Babson is everything you hear in an admissions meeting and more. As a first-year student, I came to Babson, like many of my peers, ready to buckle down and work hard, but quite early in my time here I heard a lot about the many clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities that are available…

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