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A New Work Environment

Working at a startup in Los Angeles has changed the way I look at the work environment in the United States. The first day of my internship itself was extremely memorable, and this was because it was something out of the ordinary. On my first day, there was a welcome lunch and the entire office…

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The French Work Culture

Hi everyone! This is to update you that I am doing fine (although I’ve already got lost in the Paris’s Metro subway system at least twice) and my internship has been going really well so far. In fact, it’s been much better than I expected! The thing I decided to write about in this post…

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“Ask for Forgiveness, not Permission”

“Ask for Forgiveness, not Permission.” Since I arrived in Israel, I’ve heard this phrase on numerous occasions. Israelis become exposed to this phrase heavily during their mandatory military service, which lasts two years for females and three years for males. The reason this phrase is so prevalent during the army years is because of the…

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First Impression – NYC Fashion Internship

Hello all! My name is Jin, a rising Senior concentrating in Operations Management. Growing up in a family of seamstresses, I was exposed to fashion at a young age. As a business student, I wanted to explore the business operations behind the fashion world and I’m honored to be interning at Rebecca Taylor, a brand…

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