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Johanna Beers

Babson Faculty and Students Attend Japan Innovation Night at CIC

Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)  hosted the first ever Japan Innovation Night at its Venture Cafe. Read about two Babson perspectives, Associate Admissions Director Johanna Beers and current two year MBA student, Naohiro Shimaguchi: Johanna Beers: I attended the first ever Japan Innovation Night at the Venture Cafe in the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) for two reasons:…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

International Highlight: Career in Japan

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador Jenny Hai ‘16. Special thanks to Ryota Fuchino ‘14 for accepting the interview. Anime, pokemon, sushi, ramen, or even cherry blossoms. We’ve all heard, seen, and even experienced a part of the “land of the rising sun”. But have you ever been briefly curious about what it…

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Global Entrepreneurial Activity In 2009

The release of the GEM 2009 report was much anticipated. The 2008 data was collected in the early summer of that year, before the recession started to dominate the front pages of newspapers across the globe. The 2008 data didn’t show declines in entrepreneurial activity in general across the dataset of 43 countries, although fewer…

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Michael Chmura

Global Mega City Vs Small Regional City

I had been with Professor Brush to attend the JASVE conference in Niigata, Japan.(See her two recent blog entries – #1 and #2).The conference’s theme for this year was “New Venture Creation and Regional Economies (roughly translated),” and it is certainly a reflection of the long-held concerns about bi-polarization of economic development and activities between…

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Michael Chmura

Women Entrepreneurs In Japan

I arrived in Narita Airport in Tokyo yesterday and was met by Yuka Nakatsumi, CEO of a new company named Miths.  Miths produces and distributes organic matcha green tea in powdered form that can be mixed with boiling water.  Each package includes 5 cup sized samples in a flat transparent envelope that makes it transportable. …

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