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Four tips on how to master virtual informational interviews

Alright. Let’s talk about the subject that makes most people nervous. Networking. If you’re like me, you probably know that informationals are the key to networking. Yet it’s one of the hardest art to master, especially if you’re doing it over video or phone. I’m someone who connects with people much better in person, where…

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Communication is Key

I have now been doing my internship for Spike TV for five weeks which is halfway through the duration of my summer program. I have come to realize that communication is key when doing an internship. The primary mode of communication in my department seems to be email. This allowed me to practice my emailing…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

Informational Interviews

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador Shun Ping Huang ’17. Informational Interviews are an informal conversation in which you seek advice on a specific career path, industry, or corporate culture of a specific company. WHO ARE YOU? You can be A student An unemployed job seeker Or an employed individual considering new options WHO…

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Leslie Moore

My First Informational Interview

Other than an intro to information technology class that I had taken this past semester at Babson, I have not otherwise received any further experience that would enhance my knowledge of the IT industry. That is why I chose to utilize this assignment and reach out to Mary Dolan, the Regional Director of Information Services…

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