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The Reality of Working at a Startup

The days of falling in the crowd are over. When working with a startup, you can expect to be right at the front lines with everyone else. Most college students aim for internships with big corporations like Google or Amazon. But, it’s the underdogs that provide a more valuable experience.  Taking Responsibility Working with a…

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Continuing an internship beyond summer

I completed my first internship this summer. I was grateful to have received and accepted an internship offer. I was absolutely elated when my boss offered me a part-time position with the company during the academic year. While my work-ethic has proven to be a valuable asset to the company, there were other key factors…

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Alexandra Guillot

A Glimpse into my Workday

Whenever I discuss my internship at MainStreet Hammonton with others, they often ask what I do there. My response always contains a myriad of answers, as I have a wide variety of responsibilities at my job. Before beginning back in May, I had some sort of idea of what I’d be doing each day, but…

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Looking Back and Looking Forward

Eventually I knew this time would come where the summer would end and I would need to reflect on my experiences with the Red Sox. However, I’m lucky to say that my experience gets to continue through at least December of this year. I wanted to take some time to look back on where I…

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The Perks of Working in Media

I am now about three weeks into my internship, and it’s been great! I have settled into a comfortable routine and have completed numerous tasks. To name a few, I did episode building of the show “Jail” to be published on the website, watched episodes of the hit show “Bar Rescue” to find good clips, and simply…

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Grace Morton

If You’re Not Happy, Do Something About It!

Starting the summer off with high hopes and high expectations, I entered my internship at a local brewery ready for an adventure. At the brewery, I had the position of the Summer Marketing Intern. From what I had learned from my interview and job description, I would be helping the marketing team prepare for summer…

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Broadening Your Perspective

Working at BeachMint has been a phenomenal experience for me. It’s hard to believe that my internship has come to an end so quickly. At first, I was really hesitant because all of my other friends were taking OEM or MCE courses during the summer so I felt like I was making a mistake by…

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