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6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is a Match for Gen Z

By Erika Buckley, Communications and Development Associate for The Lewis Institute’s Youth Entrepreneurial Leadership Programs. As Generation Z heads off to college, a whole new cohort is poised to enter the workforce. These young people value creativity, admire innovation, and are not afraid to work hard. Sounds like all the ingredients necessary for an entrepreneurial…

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Always be Flexible, Always be Ready

Flexibility is a key to success. As an intern working in Research and Development in an innovative public media company such as WGBH, I am asked to complete a wide range of tasks and given the opportunity to voice my thoughts and ideas for new products and projects. I am often excited to be at…

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Structural Holes

My breakthrough read of 2014 was written in 2004, but “Structural Holes and Good Ideas” has done more to validate my wacky way of operating in the world than anything else. Author Ron Burt explores the neighborhood of social capital occupied by “between-group brokers… the people who stand near the holes in a social structure.”…

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