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Peer Career Ambassadors

Staying Organized During the Internship Search

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Catherine Ferri ’21. Trying to balance school work with finding that perfect summer internship?  As Babson students, the internship search can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially when coupled with endless amounts of schoolwork. Students often find themselves sending in numerous applications to companies and losing track of their…

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What Next?

Having completed my internship, and achieving the goals that I set at the beginning of my internship, I was wondering how I should utilize this experience in my personal and professional growth. There are a few things I believe that can help me with this growth. I connected with my supervisors and other company employees…

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Caroline Hayes

Take your cover letter to the next level!

Thank you to those students that attended the cover letter writing workshop today.  It was great and you asked lots of good questions!  I wanted to share a few tips that will help you as you begin to write your cover letters for the first set of applications deadlines coming up.  Your cover letter should…

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Natalie Cullings

8 Steps I Took To Land My Summer Internship

It’s been a couple of days into the start of my strategy/research  internship at the branding agency Mechanica and it’s been great! The agency is located on the Northshore of Massachusetts in Newburyport, MA. It’s a great coastal summer spot close to the beach and just a short train ride away from Boston. I never…

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