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Social Innovation: Shedding Light, Not Heat

As we prepare to leave for the Thanksgiving break, I am reminded that social innovation is one of the true ways that the best of humanity shines. And it is more important now than ever. If we reflect on how we define social innovation – as breakthrough interactions, non-linear journeys, boundary spanning, and bringing together…

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Social Innovation Has No Borders

When we first started The Lewis Institute, Cheryl and I would joke around and tell people that “we’re an institute without walls”. This was really just our way of signifying that we are boundary spanners who are open to working and partnering with anyone, anywhere. This year, more than ever, we have embodied that statement…

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Structural Holes

My breakthrough read of 2014 was written in 2004, but “Structural Holes and Good Ideas” has done more to validate my wacky way of operating in the world than anything else. Author Ron Burt explores the neighborhood of social capital occupied by “between-group brokers… the people who stand near the holes in a social structure.”…

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